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Round Shader
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Round Liner
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Curved Magnum
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Rayven premium cartridge needles!

Meet the revolutionary tattoo cartridge needles from Rayven supplies. Unleash your creativity with unparalleled precision and performance. In collaboration with the absolute top team at tattoo Joey, we have developed our needles to create impeccable lines, detailed designs and stunning shading effects.

Advanced dampening technology reduces vibrations minimizing hand fatigue. This technique is called buffering, the needle is embedded in a material that absorbs shocks and vibrations.

We had the tip of the needle modified in collaboration with the factory to experience as little trauma and redness to the skin as possible. The needles have a sound filter and a safety membrane to ensure that no ink flows out. This also protects the tattoo pen.

Push your limits with our groundbreaking cartridge needles from Rayven Supplies.